Yes, It is Classic … Yet Contemporary

A common misconception of the term contemporary is that it is in-line with modern times. Hence Classic Contemporary seems bit contrasting. 

Contemporary can be defined as “a person or thing living or existing at the same time as another”
To put it in layman terms it can be a person or thing or a style which can existing in prevailing time but have the mentality or character of future or past. 
A classic contemporary Interior theme is a leisure mix of modest contemporary with the elegance of classic.

Prominent Feature

  • Simple furniture with a hint of carving or curves.
  • Balance of modern Furniture with classic wall treatment & Decor elements.
  • Use of moldings in a  prime feature.
  • Use of vintage pictures with minimalist furniture Can also help in attaining the look.
  • Decor items like candlesticks, free-standing console with light moulding.
  • Chandelier with crystal work adds to the touch of the classic in contemporary background.

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