The Hen came First or the Egg!

Hello my dear readers & welcome back to yet another interesting yet less discussed topic during Interior Designing.

Now you must be thinking what does the hen and egg has to do with interiors.

So the topic which we are going to elaborate on today is while designing your home. What should be done first. How should be the sequence & why. Sounds good?

So lets move on with the same.

When we think of getting our interiors done we usually think of just paint, wallpaper maybe a change of curtains n furnishings.

But there lies the difference between interior designing & interior decoration.

Where decoration takes care of only the outer look feel of the house, Interior designing takes care of the form, function, usability of the space so in short it not just takes care of aesthetics but also the technical aspects.

Hence when we talk about designing interiors there is a curtain line of action we need to follow.

First comes the electrical & false ceiling. As we all know light plays a major roll in enhancing the beauty of any space, well lit spaces with a play of light & shadow is far more appealing then a dimly lit room with monotonous light.

Once we are done with the strategic placement of light we take ahead with the actual furniture work & design.

Many of our clients ask us to come up with wall paints even before we actually start of with the design.

We surely would not encourage that. Its like applying make up without knowing which dress you are going to wear, my female readers would relate to this 😛

SO it is important to finalize on the theme & concept first before deciding on color palate.

Once this is done we finalize on color of woodwork, if we are going with veneers & wooden tones this is quite necessary as being a natural material it has restrictions of shades.

If we are going with coating based materials we can take some liberty on selections as coating based materials have large variety of shades available.

Once this is done, As per the theme we can finalize on the overall color palate & furnishings selection for the whole house, this process goes hand in hand as each theme has a certain color palate which is quite crucial. I will be elaborating on which colors go with which themes in my upcoming blogs.

Hence as per the theme we select the paint shades, the curtain n upholstery fabrics & wallpapers, as experts we suggest to go with a neutral tone of wall paint & add colors in furnishings as walls take up a huge mass in the room making them dark creates a huge impact in overall look, unless you are going for gothic or art deco style this wont be recommended.

Another plus of having neutral walls is that you get a freedom to experiment with the furnishings, their beautiful textures & colors. If the wall in itself is dark we have no choice but to keep the furnishing on muted tones.

The accessories & artifacts gives a finishing touch to the whole design & makes it look complete.

Following the sequence helps achieve the perfect harmony in design & gives the aesthetic appeal one desires.

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