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We have had numerous restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, guest houses, hotels and shops which have got interiors done through us. Retail and hospitality sector including hotels and restaurants have a special design requirement which requires the designer to not just understand and work on a theme and approach but also make things comfortable for day to day running of the business. We have experts to do all such things.


Mrs.Geetha Gundurao"A Dream come True ! A big thank you and Hats off to 100Krafts – Ravi, Mr. Nishant Gupta (being formal as we have not met him), Asha and Seema for striving to give us the dream home – a classy design for the actual user- us."
Rajni, Pune"I would like to appreciate the speed and professionalism in the work that has been done so far. I think we made a right decision to sign the contract with "
Siba, Bangalore"Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction We went to see the work after 6 months and was amazed to see the work that was delivered. Customers are well taken care! Highly recommendable. "
Falafel Factory, Park Square Mall, BangaloreWorking with them made the job easy and fruitful. Good going guys !

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We did the interiors of a famous bar in Pune and wanted to ensure that apart from the quality of interiors, the owners got something extra. We got a complete thermo graphic survey of the bar done to check leakage of heat and gas and plugged all gaps left over either by us or the builder. This resulted in a cost saving on the electric bill for the bar to the tune of 10%.

We did interiors for a clinic in Bangalore. The place was closed with hardly any windows and clinics can sometimes become depressing. We planted some amazing indoor plants to make the place liven up. The patients actually left happy feedbacks for the clinic after that.

Our marketing team has actually helped a kiosk in generating ideas to increase footfalls for them in the mall.

Our team for hospitality works on innovation and out of box thinking not just at the time of design but during and after execution as well. We understand that this is business and the primary point of engaging an interior designer is to showcase a certain approach and thinking so that revenue and profitcan be increased. That is what we keep in mind as well when working on such assignments. With 100Krafts, you can be assured of a great service and a great long term relationship.

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