Children are very innocent by heart by mind and by soul. Their room is usually a space with a feeling of happiness, love affection, liveliness .Here is what we could do for their room to see children be healthy and happy always

Children need lot of natural light and wonderful breeze in their  Thus their room would be best suited facing east or west , north west but the best being the North East zone of the house as the sun rises in the east and northern winds are very soothing.

Though for children the best bed position would be facing east as they wake up with the sunshine

The study table can be facing the east or north for the best positive vibes to help them grow and be focused while studying.

The north and the east should always be free because of the wonderful wind air light direction we get from there thus that should be left free and open (window/ door/ free spaces) , the south and the west would be the best location for any heavy storage / bookshelves / wardrobes as its usually the heat that generates from these corners.

The room should look bright and fresh just as them thus green / yellow / orange would be the best suited colors for children’s room as these colors represent prosperity and well being and will make the space look and feel fresh and energetic.