Keep surfaces & floor spaces clear as possible

In today’s market where square feet area in residence is a big constrain, Keeping the floor space & horizontal surfaces like table tops, counter tops etc as clear as possible will allow more light to spread through each room make the room feel spacious.

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Paint it White

Major surface areas like walls flooring Ceiling can be painted white.
Painting the whole space in same colour will again add on to the visual space & can be soothing to the eyes.
Stick to neutral colour tones. Pop if colour is common in Scandinavian theme but it is better left to accessories or furnishings.

Image courtesy: Coffeeand

Make sure all items have a purpose or Sentimental Value

De-cluttering is the key, Less is More it all applies to Scandinavian, Poses as less items as possible which have a purpose & significant use in your day to day lives or is really close to your heart.

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Accessorize with lights and plants

These are both useful items, Lighting is very underestimated design aspect. Good lighting can transform a room & it has a very positive impact on our moods.

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Use textures & colours in the fabric to stop making the house look clinical

As said before the main colour theme of Scandinavian is white & neutral if it is not balanced out with different textures & colours it starts looking very clinical. Materials & Fabrics are the easiest & cheapest way to add cosiness to the room. Rugs throws, cushions, curtains instantly add liveliness to the space.

Image courtesy: Suzhou

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