How has Pandemic changed the way we use our homes. Top 6 suggestions from our Principal Architect on how you can make best use of each room & corner.

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Like every major event on the face of the earth, this pandemic also has come with its own trends.

What used to be a place to get back to after a long day, now serves numerous purposes to people all day, every day. The home is now an office, school, restaurant, gym, play area, meditation and more.. All different spaces have come with their own multifunctionality.

Getting the outdoor space indoors

From sprawling backyards to small city balconies and terraces, outdoor spaces of all sizes give homeowners a place to cook, eat, play, relax and exercise in fresh air.

With this a high demand of coalescing porches and balconies with outdoor living. Everyone’s looking for a creative way to magnify these outdoor-indoor spaces. This also comes along its concomitant elements such as weather proof furniture and exteriors friendly materials.

The Home-Office trend

COVID-19 has introduced a new trend which demanded from us efficacy from the place which we were habituated with only relaxation.

Remote working changed this inexpensive study table into a corner dedicated space for each person in a house with a professional ambience along with appropriate multifunctional furniture and obliterating any background noise.

Kitchen & Utility

With this coming and going of lockdown storing and organizing has also becoming a crucial way for a cleanliness and safety.

With Indian style of kitchen adapting to the western style of stacking of appliances, having a tall unit where you can stack microwave, OTG, Mixer, Toaster, Air fryer, etc to utility washing machine, dryer & dishwashers. Even branded organizers inside your units which have come with a varied option are helping people achieve a clutter free space.

Many kids many Room

Home is the Best safe place for kids now, and they are engaged with all different activities in a given space or their bedroom. But having multiple kids and a limitation of number of Bedrooms or even having one room for multiple kids can be challenging.

Use walls, angles and levels to craft individual spaces that serve as custom areas. Let each space shine as an expression of your child’s personality.

God’s Gift 

God has given us two things in abundance and free of cost, which are not very evident but used the most are “Sun light & Air” which we are not utilizing to its highest potential in our homes.

Have bigger windows, more opening towards the North & South, allowing cross ventilation which will not only help for healthy lifestyle but also integrates Vaastu in a holistic manner.

The more natural light you opt for, the lesser you consume artificial light reducing carbon consumption and saving the Earth.

A few units together

Since now everyone requires a separate room, multifunctional ideas or combination furniture as we call it is in quite a demand.

At the entry a typical shoe unit is also a console unit cum porch with greenery. Where as a busy place like dining a crockery, unit is combining with a mandir or even a bar unit, if you can believe it.

There are a many more corners to cover, a lot we would like to share and like I always say the best way is to:
Always Approach an Expert for Help: Always ensure that you take the help of an interior designer to get the right consultation, suitable colour selections and smart solutions as per your space.

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