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Have you just made a house purchase of an old house? Are you simply bored of the interiors of your current house? Are there some serious changes needed which have been nagging you? Reasons for a renovation may be many. Solution is 100Krafts. We ensure everything is taken care of in a house based on its age including pest control, civil changes, flooring, complete interiors, kitchen & bathroom renovation, décor, furniture. You can simply sit back and relax.


Mrs.Geetha Gundurao"A Dream come True ! A big thank you and Hats off to 100Krafts – Ravi, Mr. Nishant Gupta (being formal as we have not met him), Asha and Seema for striving to give us the dream home – a classy design for the actual user- us."
Rajni, Pune"I would like to appreciate the speed and professionalism in the work that has been done so far. I think we made a right decision to sign the contract with "
Siba, Bangalore"Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction We went to see the work after 6 months and was amazed to see the work that was delivered. Customers are well taken care! Highly recommendable. "
Falafel Factory, Park Square Mall, BangaloreWorking with them made the job easy and fruitful. Good going guys !

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We usually see people going for some renovation work in houses after 5 to 7 years. While mostly,people move into a newly purchased brand new flat with basic interiors, a more comprehensive interior renovation is done after a period. Use of material like MDF and Particle Board can also result in the need to renovate earlier. Owners may plan to move into a house which has been given on rent earlier and want some more lavish interiors. Some older houses may even require complete electrical rewiring and flooring. Technology in kitchens are changing rapidly and a 10 year old kitchen might look and feel old now. These are just some of the many reasons why renovation may be needed.

100Krafts not only provides its award winning interior design and execution service in these projects but replicate the same processes in other requirements in such projects like larger civil and electrical work,architecture and construction and even niche areas like pest control.

One famous saying in 100Krafts is that you can simply direct us to a plot or house that belongs to you and then give your time only towards discussions and selections. We will hand over the keys to a new place which is ready to move in with your luggage.

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