In todays digital work where lot of professionals & entrepreneurs are considering working from home a convenient, viable & more productive option to conduct their work from the comforts of their homes, home office has become a necessity than a luxury.

With less time spent in commuting there is more time to focus on work.

While most work from home professionals choose to set up their work place in a corner of living or bedroom, or on the dining table, to maintain a balance environment & good productivity its necessary to have a proper space set up following some vastu guidelines to attract good vibes, positivity & attain good results out of your hard work.

Vastu guidlines for home office :-

  • Home office should be set up in west or southwest section of the house as it promotes business & stable career.
  • The work desk should be in south or west direction while you should be facing north or east while you work.
  • Storage housing important documents should be placed in south or west wall & should open towards east or north.
  • One should use bright & pleasant color palate for home office like light yellow, light green , light blue. A neutral color will increase engagement in work while a touch of bright colors like yellow green ensures good health, balance in mind,body & soul it also helps attract positive vibes.
  • Always have a small globe on the north west side of your work desk to attract international work opportunities.