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Décor is what adds color and style to a home. Décor is that personal touch that brings aesthetics and makes a house truly into a home. Décor is so personal that even a house owner is not willing to offer these items to tenants and no tenant will even appreciate the value of someone else’s selections. That is the reason why 100Krafts handles Décor as a completely different vertical and consult not just its interior design customers but also others.


Mrs.Geetha Gundurao"A Dream come True ! A big thank you and Hats off to 100Krafts – Ravi, Mr. Nishant Gupta (being formal as we have not met him), Asha and Seema for striving to give us the dream home – a classy design for the actual user- us."
Rajni, Pune"I would like to appreciate the speed and professionalism in the work that has been done so far. I think we made a right decision to sign the contract with "
Siba, Bangalore"Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction We went to see the work after 6 months and was amazed to see the work that was delivered. Customers are well taken care! Highly recommendable. "
Falafel Factory, Park Square Mall, BangaloreWorking with them made the job easy and fruitful. Good going guys !

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Home décor consultation is an offering which is missing from almost every interior designer or architect’s portfolio. While they will be willing to direct a client to a good store, they will be skeptical of actually giving consultations. The reason is the extent of personalization involved in home décor solution.

Over the years’, 100Krafts has created a niche for itself in home decoration. We do not “direct” our clients to a store for getting wallpapers or artifacts or lights or curtains. Our décor experts sit with the clients and work out a personal theme for each room. They then consult on not just the colors but even the kind of furniture, artifacts and other combinations which the customer can go for. These selections are based on catalogs from vendors who are not just present in one shop but could be anywhere in India or even across the globe.

With the layouts and item lists in place, we get the furniture made as well as stitching etc done away from the location and installations happen on a pre selected day or days. There have been cases where a client has failed to recognize their house once they entered after 3 days. The joy on the face is all the feedback we usually require.

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