The Best Room Furnishing Ideas For Your Home

Are Curtains an Important Aspect of Room Decor or just a place to be covered for privacy and luminance control with a fabric! There are various ways by which one can decorate a room with custom bedding and window treatments. But it is not always one ends up reflecting ones personality and lifestyle to the […]

Go Eclectic

A melting pot of interior styles & eras, Eclectic style is not for the faint of heart!Only people with strong character & style statement can portray the eclectic aura. Bold Bold is the signature in an eclectic style, then may it be bold colors, patterns or textures all is a big yes when it comes […]

Decor Tricks To Boost Your Mood

Why do we do home décor? To boost the aesthetics of our house? To create a cozy ambiance?To reflect our lifestyle?Yes, all of the above are valid points.But did you know there are tricks in home décor which can actually help in uplifting your mood?Sometimes we just get bored with our routine life. The monotonous […]