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100Krafts is just not an interior designing company; we are, as we call ourselves, an ‘interior solution platform’ where we bring together a team of expert designers, experienced consultants, diligent executioners.

Each of our interior solution program begins with understanding the actual and latent needs of our customers, and then presenting to them our customised solutions – which is then taken up for end-to-end execution.

We prefer to use a thematic format of designing rather than just a standard modular format.

We love what we do and our experiences create wonderful stories for our life time.

Our approach to work is to make sure the right experts are assigned to the project and create a Project Leadership Team so that the project is executed strictly as per plan. We prefer a theme based solution instead of the standard modular process to blend in our customers’ personality into their spaces as requested. Our design thinking and execution process would typically look like this:

Efficency 100%
Execution 100%
Cost Effective 100%

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