Why do I need an Interior Designer?

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Posted on February 24, 2014 at 03:39 AM

Whether you stay in a large city like Bangalore or Delhi, an upcoming suburb like Pune or a small town you need a home. Homes need at least the basic woodwork of wardrobes and kitchen for them to become livable along with some furniture like beds, tables, chairs, sofas etc. We all may wonder why we would require an Interior Designer for my bedroom or living room when the same work can be done for a lesser cost by a carpenter? Well….wonder again!

So Why Spend More on an Interior Designer?

So why does one go for an Interior Designer? Why spend those few thousands extra in a project of few lakhs? A common misconception that people have is that an Interior Designer will just add a basic 2D drawing for the work that we tell them to do, get some of his own carpenters and get the work done. We could not be farther from the truth. Let’s try to list down some very basic advantages of hiring an Interior Designer:

  • An Interior Designer not only gets your wardrobes and other spaces created. They will design the space to make it not only attractive for you but also functional.
  • An Interior Designer will try and understand the your lifestyle and then incorporate this lifestyle into the home by working out not just the woodwork but also electric outlets, lighting and even furnishings including curtains, curtain rods, furniture and other fittings and fixtures. This is also the reason why it makes sense to get an Interior Designer into the picture as early as possible.
  • An Interior Designer can be reachable even after the project is over. Why is this useful? Not only does this make an Interior Designer more responsible while working on the project unlike a carpenter who will not be reachable as soon as the project is over (or even before that sometimes). Another advantage is because lot of branded raw material suppliers give warranties on there products, in case of any material defect, contacting the Interior Designer will help you benefit from these warranties.

100Krafts has its own way of selecting Interior Designers that by default takes care of all the above points. Check them out here.

A Small Survey on the Subject

Still feel that a carpenter is better? Then take a look at below numbers from a small survey done by 100Krafts on people who have used the services of carpenters. We had a total of 237 questionnaires filled. (More detailed results in another post)

  1. 85% (201) of the total people surveyed said that they were cheated by the carpenters in terms of the raw material promised. Of these, 74% (149) actually knew the carpenters either directly or through reference!
  2. A huge 95% (224) had time overruns in the project. This implies that the project was completed with a delay. Almost all (219) of these had time overruns or more than 2 months compared to the promised time! Even in projects where promised time was 1 month! By experience, we can endorse this view completely.
  3. 75% (178) people had cost overruns! From having to pay extra to the carpenter to finish the work to having to pay someone else to mend something damaged / not done properly by the carpenter…reasons were plenty. Surprising since cost is the one reason of selecting a carpenter over an Interior Designer. Interior Designers usually give warranties on their work which will help you mitigate this overrun.
  4. Just 6 people surveyed of the 237 were actually satisfied with the work done by the carpenters! All the rest would not work with that carpenter again.

Need more reasons? We really give up ;-)

If on the other hand, you feel that you will like to select an Interior Designer, let us give you some useful tips on how to select the Best Interior Designer for your home here. Alternately, feel free to Contact Us and we can do the hard work for you!


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