What is False Ceiling?

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Posted on May 25, 2016 at 14:05 PM

False Ceilings or Fall Ceiling as some people like to call them are created under the normal concrete ceiling in our home. This is not just a very good design element which beautifies an area in the room which is otherwise neglected but also has some great advantages.

False Ceiling has multiple advantages such as concealing the wiring, lighting fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, security cameras, and other fixtures. It also acts as appealing bedrock for all kinds of decorative electric lights and fans. It actually serves the dual purpose – one being aesthetic as a design element and the other serving more practical purposes of concealing the ugly mesh of electrical fittings and reducing the volume of room for better air conditioning. It is hence no surprise that today, false ceilings have made their way into every urban middle class apartment’s living room. To get a better understanding of advantages and disadvantages of false ceiling, click here.

Types of False Ceilings

The amazing array of designs of a false ceiling can be formed using many different materials as stand alone or in combination of other materials. Some of the most commonly used material for a great false ceiling design are given below.

  1. Gypsum false ceilings
  2. POP false ceiling
  3. MDF false ceiling
  4. Wooden false ceilings
  5. Metal false ceilings (Aluminium, Asbestos, Brass inlays)
  6. Wallpaper or Texture on ceiling
  7. Glass ceiling
  8. Grid ceiling

False ceiling can also be made using a combination of the above mentioned materials or even texture paints, Glass, Acrylic etc. Each of the material has its own benefits and can be discussed with an interior designer to know what is best for your room.

Multiple ways false ceilings can be used apart from the common known uses:

  1. Can be used as a separator to separate two spaces e.g. living and dining areas.
  2. As a sound absorbent.
  3. As a thermal insulator, reducing heat.

Defying the Myth surrounding false ceilings

False Ceiling | Wooden Rafters with POP

There is often a misconception that any construction that reduces the availability of space in a house lessens the sense of freedom and false ceiling might reduce that freedom. Instead here, in this case, reducing the height also aids in reducing the capacity of the air-conditioner and hence cooling the room efficiently. False ceiling design contributes to the decor of our home with different types of finishes that are best for the modern interior design.

In addition, an ideal false ceiling design will incorporate all the elements including natural lighting, ventilation as well as the preferences of the residents. Hence most of the area of a ceiling may in reality stay at the same height with the false ceiling extending down according to the design only. Do check the pic to understand what I am talking about.


About 100Krafts

100Krafts is an expert in false ceiling designs and execution having executed more than thousand projects in false ceilings. We offer some classy ceiling designs at minimal cost. Check out our gallery to see various unique designs.

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