Lacquer Glass for your Kitchen Interiors – Why to use?

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Posted on March 05, 2015 at 13:42 PM

Having a beautiful kitchen is something everyone wants in there new home. And why not? Kitchen is a place which is usually the most easily visible to outsiders right after your living room. Apart from that, this is one place where the integration of technology, engineering, functionality and aesthetics has to be complete and streamlined. In addition, there is an added parameter of moisture and heat which have to be accounted for. As we will try to show in this post, lacquer finish for your kitchen interiors is one of the best finishes for this purpose.


It is these reasons which compel people to spend most of there budgets on kitchen interiors. No surprise that you have many brands selling kitchen accessories, electric appliances etc. No surprise also that you get many finishings for the wooden work that is done in the kitchen.


Its practically impossible to do away with cabinets inside the kitchen due to practical requirements. Among the many ways of finishing up all these cabinets to make them look aesthetically pleasing and durable, lacquer is possibly a better one. So what is lacquer?


What is Lacquer polish?

Lacquer is derived from the Sanskrit word “Laksha” meaning Wax. Wikipedia defines Lacquer as “a clear or coloured wood finish that dries by solvent evaporation or a curing process that produces a hard, durable finish”. Too much chemistry? Lets explain this just a bit without taking much time. Lacquer consists of certain polymers which are dissolved in a solvent. Once applied to a surface, this solvent evaporates leaving behind the polymers which give the surface the shining, smooth finish that you see. These polymers also have the colors etc as required. Multiple coats of this lacquer is applied to ensure that the finish smooth and long lasting and this process is a little time consuming.


Compared to Polyurethane polish more popularly known as PU, lacquer is easier since the drying solvent ensures that fewer brush strokes or spray marks are visible compared to PU. In addition, lacquer dries faster which prevents external impurities from getting embedded (though that is avoided everywhere by ensuring minimum other work is going on while this polishing happens).


Types of Lacquer Polish

Lacquer can be done predominantly on two materials for kitchens:

    1. Plywood which has been stuck with veneer. The lacquer used here is transparent and brings out the natural colors of the veneer. The texture of veneer will also be visible but the finish is smooth to touch.
    2. Lacquer on glass also commonly mentioned as lacquered glass as the name suggests is lacquer done on one side of glass. The colors are solid in this case or any patterns can also be etched in the glass before applying lacquer which will look beautiful. This pic is from one of our projects done a while back. You can also see one of the ways colors can be used to give contrast. We also added some lovely backsplash tiles and a lighter granite instead of the black granite usually given by builders.
 Lacquer glass in modular kitchen

Why should I use Lacquer in my kitchen interiors?

Now coming to the main point of why should I go for lacquer finish:

  1. Durability of the glass as well as veneer is greatly enhanced. Glass gets the additional strength provided by the polymers of lacquer. This is because of the fact that lacquer is thinner than other polishes. Hence it goes deeper into the material and seals it all up nicely.
  2. Lacquer is resistant to humidity. This makes it an idea finish for kitchens.
  3. Lacquers are available in a wide variety of colors.
  4. Apart from colors, it can also be either matte or gloss finish.
  5. PU and other varnishes tend to yellow over time. Lacquer remains clear for a very long time.
  6. As already mentioned, since lacquer dries up faster, there is lesser chance of impurities in the finished product.
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