Why hire an Interior Designer instead of contractor or carpenter ?

by admin

Posted on May 04, 2014 at 06:35 AM

So you are thinking of making decorating decisions for your home? How can you NOT hire an interior designer? Small but important decisions like colors for your rooms or tiles for your kitchen can be handled by the designer with your support. Consider it this way: For you, its your first (or maybe second) project. For them, this is a job. Hence while you will be obviously looking at how things look, they will also look at other factors like functionality and aesthetics within the same budget.

Details communications with you will not only lead to your budget being optimized but style, comfort and looks of the place will go up drastically. While a homeowner wants the place to parallel their lifestyle, a contractor or carpenter can never understand this facet since they cannot compare to the same lifestyles. An interior designer is equipped not only with academic knowledge to ensure this but also with social mindset to understand the requirements. They can also help in finding solutions to future issues even when a house is under construction.

An interior designer can also help plan what kind of furniture to buy. Again, this can be done within the budget set aside for furniture. Or conversely, plan for Interior designs based on your current furniture so that it does not look out of place.
In a recent survey by the American Society of Interior Designers, 69 percent of the designers polled said an exchange of ideas was “critical” to a project’s success and nearly half said the results were even better when clients brought a lot of suggestions to the table. This is something that only a designer can bring to the table.
Even if you feel that budget does not allow you to employ services of an interior designer, think about hiring one for just consultancy and designing which can be used by a carpenter.


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