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Posted on September 03, 2016 at 12:49 PM

Sounds funny but you will be surprised how almost no Interior Designer in India follows the correct approach or the scientific method for designing your home. An Interior Design done without a focus may result in a lot of issues.

This method has been tried and tested and formulated by a European Design school and we at 100Krafts make it compulsory for all the interior designers on our platform to follow this method. Do notice that the process shown in this infographic is actually a guide and the internals including how an interior designer approaches the discussion etc is left to individuals. Interior Design is an art and the individual style cannot be compromised. And its not!

This post will also show you the reason why compromising on TIME is not a good option for getting your design done. Understand that while spending few lakhs and few months on the interiors is a great thing since we are going to stay in that lovely home, designing will be the reason why the home will become beautiful. Going for a copy paste approach where a ready made design is simply superimposed on your floor plan is not just stupid but does not justify the money spent.

Infographic also gives some more details about 100Krafts way of working and its USP’s 😀 Check the Other Salient Features. (PCM is a Process Control Manager who is on 100Krafts rolls and are themselves qualified Interior Designers. They ensure proper management during design as well as execution phase of a project)

Do Contact Us to get more details for your own interior needs. You can also check our gallery to see our work or reach our FB page for latest project pics.

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