What is Importance of Interior Design Solutions platform

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Posted on October 26, 2016 at 23:12 PM

Imagination has no boundaries. On the contrary one must unleash it for boundless possibilities……especially when it has to do with your Home interiors and its design, an Interior Solutions Platform can do wonders for you.

To begin understanding 100Krafts lets imagine one of our site visits that happened around a month ago.

Case study:

Client has taken a flat which was used as a warehouse by the builder. They had dumped their cement bags there for few years and we were welcomed by 6 inch thick cement coating, hardened and almost stone everywhere on the floor. The flat was impossible to live in without many civil changes along with replacement of all doors and windows.

All bathrooms needed new fittings, waterproofing and re-tiling. The civil had to be done keeping in mind the interiors she may want after civil was completed.

Also the budget was such that she wanted Civil and paint to be done and later they would think about interiors depending on the money left over.

Where does one begin?

Do you make an interior plan and check how to go about the work?

Or do you start off thinking its best to make the civil plan before anything?

But how to deal with the flooring? What if even one tile breaks while taking out the cement? Its impossible to match tiles of different batches even if they come from the same brand.

How much damage was done to the internal plumbing pipes?

What if the toilets had to be remodeled later?

What if later when we start with interiors, the requirements may not fit the changes? e.g. breaking the bathroom wall or shifting the bathroom door may deprive us of the wardrobe size.

How did the Solutions Expert solve this issue?

Step 1 – to clear the floor of the cement and do complete cleaning of the very dirty house so that its clear what we need to look at.

Step 2 – to Plan the civil changes, present 2 best options maximising space, storage, practicality and accessibility

Step 3 – freeze civil and then move to interior plan, present 2 best interior placement layouts.

Step 4- work on cost and timeline to finish the work.

Step 5 – engage the right vendors for the work.

The space where we want to live and call home is quite special and one would not want to miss on the ideas and suggestions of the multitude of probabilities  on the many possibilities for each corner of the abode.

There are dependencies on many factors while working on the layout which needs both civil and interior work.

Only an expert should be engaged in such projects.


In the above case we not only solved the issues and gave her the best option of design, but also prepared a guideline as to how to go about the work and when to engage whom.

100Krafts is an innovative platform for any Interior and Architectural Solution. We call it a solutions platform as we just don’t provide design services but go in depth with  multiple choices to customers in terms of designs, designers, execution team, products, raw materials etc. We empower our customers with good information helping them to make right choices for crafting their homes.

Whether it is your cosy nest or a sprawling business venture in hospitality, 100krafts is a one stop destination for any turnkey solution where an expert can maximize the potential of the place.

Why do We Need an Interior Solutions Platform?

  1. Multiple options of designs
  2. Transparency and credibility
  3. Experts in each field for each job
  4. 100% customizable
  5. Customer Oriented

The list goes on…. some of the reasons are even mentioned at this link.

100krafts has benefited hundreds of households. We are dynamic & flexible to adjust to any budgets.

We have found solutions to the loopholes and inconsistencies in the industry to design a process which rids you of many pain points like hidden cost, lack of real experts, dependencies etc.

The stakeholders in our model are independent of each others scope of work. This ensures that each person is directly answerable for the work done by them instead of pushing blame.

It gives the Process manager the advantage of preparing and taking action to rectify any issues before they are part of the final finishing.

More benefits of the  interior solutions platform.

  1. Designers and vendors feel secure and have their deliverables / expectations / scope defined. They can also be audited easily and hence paid on time.
  1. Vendors do not need to be multi specialists in all aspects like sales, finance, project management etc. Each aspect is being handled by a dependable, verifiable expert of that field.
  1. Competitiveness – what does a pool of designers and a pool of skilled vendors ensure? Quality and competitive environment. This is beneficial for the customer as well since it ensures that everyone tries to do better.
  2. High value proposition. when you are looking at a long term investment you spread the returns across few years and see the worth. The same can be done with interiors. You will at least spend 10 to 15 years in the house you design. You should get many options and the best designer and vendor to give shape to it. Thats exactly what a platform does for you.
  3. Stability – You need not worry about 100Krafts being present after 3 years in case a problem comes up. A freelance designer (even with a company) or a contractor may vanish.
  4. Organic growth. Due to our organic growth we have to ensure decisions are well thought out and in everyones interest. Next steps are crucial and so proper research and development is carried out before any changes.
  5. Scientific method of design and execution. You can read up on how we approach projects scientifically here.


We are looking forward to bring this value in service to maximum  number of people and to anyone and everyone who has bought a new property and or wants to renovate the old one.


This is the way to go ahead in choosing the best treatment for your home….. the haven to design and service- 100Krafts!!


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