How to start Designing My home

by admin

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 03:56 AM

Bought my dream home; never known a Designer before. How do I get started?

Perplexed, confusion, anxious and then what next????? These worries dampen the spirit with which one buys a dream home. Krafting home, but never known a designer before. Its imperative to have some information on hand before your first appointment with designer. Go through magazines, books, blogs, articles etc. Glance the photos; examine which among them appeal to you and what is that in those pictures you can relate to. Your choice and decisions will have great impact in your life for the times to come. Make a list needs and wishes. Some idea of spend is very imminent. 10% – 15% of the property value is typically a good idea to be kept in mind before you start the discussion. Designers don’t tend to waste to your money. Rather they try to utilise the money in the best way to get you best design.

The Time factor. How long does it take?

Krafting a plan that works for you can take anywhere from 45 working days to couple of months, depending upon complexity of project. Planning space for krafting that you will enjoy for a long time, takes a lot of thought and effort on both the part of designer and the homeowner. Ideally, don’t rush for it. We generally hate to see a client wasting the money. Doing a piece meal design and execution and so on, will cost you more. Ideally the most suitable time to hire designer for space krafting is the time when you book the flat. You can sit with designer along with you floor plan for your design discussion and may get an idea of possible changes that could be possibly accommodated within the floor plan to suit your space, Saving you great cost.

Design Concerns. What next?

Designers do recommend enough time to Clients for the design iterations and then finalize the layout, despite you may have concerns. The key to this is communication. Trust the designers to do things right. Make sure you communicate what you looking for and designers would be happy incorporating. We like to catch the things early and save your cost. If you change your mind, wish for modification, we would be glad to do so but there are charges for the additional work. Minor changes which are easy to accommodate in the project, don’t costs big. Big changes do have a domino effect and need a lot more thought to make sure that everything is placed best before we proceed.

Handling the project self way, we think so. Why do we hire you to manage the project?

You love to see your dream krafting, wants to have your say in managing the project. Should you have lots of experience dealing with contractors and have good understanding of the hardships, ample of time to oversee the execution. Bingo…. Communication is a key to good work. If not, you and your partners not available for long hours in home, can’t oversee the intricacies of execution, can’t communicate the blue print of design to contractors; WE come in. Communication being the key, we make sure the contractors know what he needs to do before he does. We are there to answer any questions raised by them, help solve problems that will arise. BRING you pleasurable KRAFTING experience across. We have a lot of repeat and referral clients and you don’t get that return without doing a great job in first place.

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