Advantages and Disadvantages of having False Ceiling Designs in your home

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Posted on April 15, 2015 at 14:44 PM

False ceiling is basically a ceiling under the actual concrete ceiling.

The concept of ‘false ceiling’ was considered synonymous with ‘office interiors’ in the past. Their only functional requirement then being – hiding the ugly mesh of electrical fittings.

Today, false ceilings have made their way right into the urban middle class apartment’s living room. Yet they remain the least understood and underutilized part of home decor.


False ceilings were mainly used in offices to conceal internal wirings, accommodating centralized AC systems and other electrical fittings. In an apartment on the other hand, they can be much more than just that.

In the times of cramped spaces, the best way to play around with design and aesthetics of a room are some great false ceiling designs. They take up very less of otherwise usable space. They can be used to design different shapes along the actual ceilings, or along corners of walls. One can create an effect of partitioning or encase LED lights of various designs and colors. Once these lights are fixed, there is no requirement for having lights on walls. This also adds to clean walls which can then be designed in a lot more ways. False ceiling can also be made using a combination of many materials including POP, Gypsum, MDF, Wood, Laminate or even texture paints, Glass, Acrylic etc. Check the pics below or simply visit our Pinterest board here to get many designs!

MDF False Ceiling design

MDF CNC cut pattern in the false ceiling

False Ceiling - Wood

Wooden warmth with a very cheap addition of laminate

False Ceiling - Gypsum Design

Gypsum design for the false ceiling

False Ceiling - Color

Colorful false ceiling

To avoid it from looking constricted, false ceiling in an apartment room may not necessarily be done from wall to wall. Beautiful design patterns can be used instead. When done from wall to wall, using appropriate tiles can improve the acoustics of the room. It can also provide an insulating effect due to air trapped between actual ceiling and the false one, thereby easing out load on the AC.

We can select from a wide range of ceiling materials with specific properties. Materials are available which are fire resistant, sound and heat insulated, moisture resistant. A few examples would be plaster of Paris, gypsum boards, PVC, mineral fiber, metal or acoustic ceilings.


The most obvious minus with false ceilings is the headway they take up. It can take anywhere between 5 to 8 inches to encase lighting or any other fixtures. Simple solution here would be, to design in a way so as to make the space more vibrant yet not restrictive. A good design can also make the surroundings feel more positive and warm.

Ventilation and lighting aspects must be considered. Also, care should be taken while deciding on the decorations if any on the false ceiling. The weight ceiling can bear and its durability being important factors. This also implies that installation of the ceiling should be done by or with the help of skilled professionals.

As for maintenance, even though maintenance is minimal, giving it none can make the hidden spaces flourishing ground for some seriously unwanted guests too. 🙁


False ceilings have been criticized and praised equally in the past. They have been a fad and gone into oblivion too. But when you want to create your own signature look or add that dash of luxury to your home or just want to run wild with your imagination, common answer to all are false ceilings. They provide more flexibility and options than any other piece of home interior decoration. You can discuss various options with an interior designer or be your own designer and see how far your creative self takes you!


About the Author: Sudhi Pathak is an avid writer with a great taste in interiors. She frequently helps people to select designs and has given this small contribution for us.

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