6 things to Remember when starting interior design

by admin

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 18:51 PM

We earlier spoke about why you should hire an Interior Designer instead of a carpenter. Hope we were able to convince you! I am sure all people who can afford to buy a home worth lacks can anyway understand why an Interior Designer’s acumen is better compared to a carpenter. After all, even the Interior Designer will employ carpenters. So you get that benefit in both cases anyways!


Once convinced on selecting a designer for your Interior Design, what next? Do the following homework before employing or discussing with one:

  1. Prepare to employ the services of Interior Designer as soon as possible in the project.
  2. Do your homework. e.g. try to decide on the kind of wood you would want to put. Of course, an Interior Designer will help you out but better smart than sorry….right?
  3. Start collecting photographs (online or offline). Collect designs of houses you like. Collect designs of houses you don’t like. An Interior Designer while creating the designs wants as much information about your requirements as he/she can get. Such photographs help in this matter.
  4. If possible, discuss details with all people who are going to live in that house. Do not mistake this to mean that all people need to be discussing with the Interior Designer. What we mean is that keep everyone involved and informed. This not only minimizes problems during and after the project has been executed but also brings excitement for everyone and not just a boring ordeal for you.
  5. Be prepared to be given ideas that you don’t like. Its just a way of the Interior Designer trying to understand your exact requirements. Maybe one of these ideas strike you as better than your own!
  6. Lastly, make sure that during and after discussion, fix on a design before work starts. This might look like time consuming at the beginning but it saves a lot of time during the project. By experience, we have instances where 15 days saved by customer’s insistence to start work resulted in a month wasted during the project since design was not frozen at the beginning.

Kitchen design for a small space

The photo is of a kitchen just to give an example. This is a very small space and the designer made few suggestions of which this was the one. The colors are where the problem occurred since all previous designs that the clients liked were dark but the interior designer suggested light due to lack of space. The family finally agreed and now, they cannot he happier with the work that has been done!
Do note: Its YOUR HOME and decorating it is supposed to be a wonderful experience. You are the one who is going to experience your home on a daily basis. Have fun and enjoy the journey as much as you want to enjoy the destination. 🙂


Happy Krafting!


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