How to make beautiful Modular Kitchen in 4 steps

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Posted on March 30, 2015 at 11:37 AM

There seems to be a glut of companies providing kitchen solutions or modular kitchen interiors in other words to people who have recently bought a home. We practically hear a new name in this field every single day. Recently, I was discussing one such famous brand with a customer and he mentioned how pretty the kitchens were that they had shown. In addition, he said, these were all modular designs.

I will be frank. I have seen some amazing interior design ideas for kitchens. I have also seen some amazing modular kitchen designs done by some good kitchen brands. But I must confess. I will not start with the design when it comes to my kitchen. The design of my kitchen will probably be the last point that I will consider. This is something which not one of the modular kitchen stores will ever tell you. Then what will I consider first? Here are my steps:

Step 1 – Layout of my kitchen

By layout, I do not just mean the L shape or the U shape or Island kitchen. These are obviously important but largely depend on the architecture layout of the kitchen. I also mean that you need to be clear where you will place your stove (hot area), refrigerator (cold area) and sink (wet area). Why? Ask anyone who has spent time in a kitchen and they will tell you that they normally move between these three areas. This is called the work triangle and we will be discussing this science in detail in another blog post.

Step 2 – Hardware in my kitchen

Surprised??!! Kitchen is not about design. Kitchen is about functionality first and foremost. Kitchen designs can always be worked around based on what hardware you want in your kitchen. 100Krafts itself is tied up with EBCO and Hettich to ensure that you get the best hardware for your kitchen. And you will be surprised at what is possible.

Lets take an example. On last count, EBCO had SIX different types of tall units. Tall units in a kitchen are basically large larder shelves to store your stuff. They take very little space and give lot of shelf area. Depending on your requirements and your kitchen size, any one of these could suit your requirements.

Tall unit for Modular Kitchen

What you do not get with a modular kitchen brand is this option. They will probably have an understanding with a local manufacturer with no R&D making one type of tall unit and that is what you get. Similar options exist in everything from corner units to cutlery racks to dustbin holders.

Similarly, amazing things can be done on the empty walls below the cabinets above. See the blank tiles in front of you when cooking and wonder why you cant simply hang your knives on that wall? Check the images below to get just a couple of the possibilities. The strip in the back is common. Then depending on what you want, you can buy the stands. And you can move them around in your kitchen as well. Convenient and comfortable but you will never find this in any modular kitchen showroom.

Modular kitchen wall accessory

FYI.. Did you know that the modular kitchen brands charge you the highest for the hardware that they give? And you do not even get to select what you want! For this very reason, we first take our customers to a kitchen hardware showroom to show the possibilities. Designs can be done later.

Step 3 – Measuring up your hardware

The hardware you loved above now needs to be measured up. These amazing marvels do not come in customizable sizes. Unfortunately  Hence, the designer needs to keep the sizes of fittings that you like in mind to make sure that they fit snugly into your kitchen in the right places for you to use.

Step 4 – Decking up the design

Now comes the part which we all thought was the first step. What colors you want? Do you want an island or a breakfast counter? Do you want an Earthy kitchen or a bright and modern look in the kitchen? What handles do you like? Or maybe you don’t like handles at all? Any designer modular kitchen can be made at this stage. Depending on the budget and looks required, many different finishes are possible. Some of them: laminates (can be glossy laminates or matte finish), veneers with PU coating, veneers with lacquer finish, lacquer glass (more details here), polycoat, acrylic. List goes on. Each one having its own advantages and disadvantages.

100Krafts own kitchens can be done either in factory or on site depending on requirements, timelines, budgets etc.

Note: Images of hardware courtesy www.ebco.in


Happy Krafting!

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