How we used Rs.20,000 to become a flourishing cockroach startup in 3 years

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Posted on October 24, 2016 at 10:37 AM

100Krafts Cockroach Startup

How it all started

It all started with a business concept by Ravi who had recently got his home interiors done. The interiors industry has zero reliability, ethics and is highly fragmented with zero transparency. If a person wanted interiors done, it was a task worse than the worst possible.

Ravi Roshan & Nishant Gupta devised 100Krafts. A platform through which customers could get interiors done by verified designers and contractors. This with a complete firewall of 100Krafts to ensure quality and reliability for the customers. Having no money (Ravi had just purchased a house and Nishant had put his savings in another venture), they literally started with a seed capital of Rs.20,000/- and lot of hard work. Midnight lamp was burnt, favours were requested, bikes were driven to their limits. All ingredients of a cockroach startup taking form. Slowly, 100Krafts grew.

Growth happened

Pune became the second city after Bangalore in which 100Krafts grew its presence within one year of operations. Further geographical expansion was relegated to lower priority. Focus was put on improving delivery quality, systems and processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Today, a very capable operations team consisting of Interior Designers and Architects has only one objective – “To deliver to the customer, a dream home and a dream experience”.

What we have become

100Krafts has started implementing a highly scientific approach to the design process which is not used in India but is of European origin. The execution process has also been created and documented in-house using some famous project development tools normally used in the IT industry. We are in fact very different from any other typical companies in this sector. A small list is available here.

Several tech initiatives to further improve customer experience and reduce cost and time are currently being worked on.

100Krafts is now a brand name well recognized in Bangalore & Pune. We are also undertaking projects in other cities and are now geared to launch at several levels. A couple of extra brands are planned to ensure all requirements of customers currently not handled by 100Krafts are met. Expansion to few other cities is also in the pipeline.

Brand Ambassador of Cockroach Startup

100Krafts could very well be the brand ambassador of a Cockroach Startup working under the radar till the time it is ready to launch. While many companies have started with huge investments in this industry in last couple of years, none of them have managed to make profits or even break even at a gross margin level. 100Krafts has grown from revenues generated internally from business.

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