8 Reasons why 100Krafts is the Best Interior Design Company

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Posted on September 03, 2016 at 14:06 PM

100Krafts, since its humble beginnings in 2013 has become one of the Best Interior Design Companies in India. Calling ourselves an interior design company is not exactly the right term since we are more of aggregators in interior design. But due to lack of any similar companies with that definition, it will sound self fulfilling to define ourselves as the “only Interior Design platform”!

Being a platform has its own advantages which result in us becoming the best interior design company in India. I will list these down in an order in which a typical customer will understand them to make things easier to comprehend.

Our sales team is prohibited from doing design

We have a fantastic sales team under the leadership of Ravi, one of the founders. The team consists of Architects and Interior Designers groomed in sales. But as a policy, none of them are allowed to design. How does that help? Being a platform, we connect our customers to one from many interior designers or decor experts who will be best suited for their requirements. If a business development person is allowed to design, they will start selling themselves instead of the platform. This will result in a less than best service for the customer who could have got something much better.

This is unlike any other businesses calling themselves interior design companies but are actually a single designer operation. Here the designer themselves are the salesmen and will be selling and trying to convince the customer in buying only the things that the designer likes and can design. They do not pay attention to the actual taste and requirements of the customer.

Interior Designers are chosen for your requirement

Go to any professional firm or even brand which usually boast of factory finished interiors etc and the first person you meet will most likely be the person who will do the interior design for you. On the other hand, 100Krafts will carefully select Interior Designers empaneled with us to fit the requirements of our customers. Not only that but these designers are only included on our platform after a lengthy process explained here unlike places where an interior designer simply registers by filling an online form.

This selection happens after a detailed discussion between the BD and the customer where things like tastes, requirements, budgets etc become clear. The BD then selects the best designer suited for your needs.

A Process Control Manager will be Part of the Project from the beginning

Oh yes. Our Operations Team is even better than our sales team (we have a WhatsApp group where this discussion continues to happen 😉 ). PCM’s are all qualified Interior Designers who will be part of the project discussions right from the beginning.

Why, you may ask? Since contractors cannot be included at this time, and it is necessary to ensure that all details are captured, we have the PCM staying in these discussions. Issues which may arise later are thus sorted out at this stage itself or noted down and points which may not be as important for the designer but necessary for execution will also be understood and noted. The same PCM’s handle the site execution as well so problems are usually solved before they occur. All such things are carefully documented as well with the Operations Head of the city.

In interior design companies where this profile is absent, the designer hands over the designs to the contractor after the completion of the design and unless the designer keeps visiting the site, the contractor either stops working or does whatever he feels like doing.

We Follow a Scientific Approach to Interior Design

Since we have dedicated a whole separate post to this topic, I need not explain this in a lot of detail here. All our designers are contractually bound to follow the basic principles of this process for design. While this ensures scientific thinking, the designer’s freedom of thinking or expression is not curbed.

Contractor Selection is also Scientific and Practical unlike other Interior Design Companies

Another surprise for most people. All our contractors are bound through contracts to ensure quality of material and work. We also have detailed profiling for each of them along with the carpenters, painters, electricians etc working under them. We also keep a track of the number of projects each of them is working on (including projects taken outside 100Krafts) as well as the number of projects that they can comfortably handle.

This ensures a whole lot of things:

  • Contractor with the best people for a certain kind of design are given the project. This is unlike Interior Design Companies where contractor will be pre-selected and the designer will already know the limitations of the contractor. This limits the possibilities and scope of the design. e.g. if the designer has a factory, he will not plan multi-color designs on the wardrobe doors. Similarly, if the contractor does not have a team of polish guys, the designer will not even think of suggesting veneers to the customer. There are just two examples.
  • If the contractor does not have enough people to work on a project, the contractor will not be chosen. What is the point of having a person to work who cannot get the work done. No other interior design companies think of this factor. This is what also enables us to plan for festivals like Diwali where many people go to their villages.
  • Due to signed contracts, the material quality becomes assured since the PCM’s as well as Ops Heads do regular audits.
  • Since the workers are profiled, we usually are able to ask the contractor to employ a particular person for a particular job. Imagine the kind of improvement that will bring in a largely labor intensive work!
  • A complete and regular 360 degree feedback for each contractor is undertaken and is connected to payments to ensure the best stay and the rest either improve or leave.

We Follow a Scientific Methodology in Project Execution (Process Patent being applied for)

The Process that we follow is based on a popular Project Management Methodology usually used for Software development! This tool has been altered and customized to suite our industry by Nishant, the other founder of 100Krafts. He himself has worked on more than 300 project executions himself. This process is not used in any other part of the world for interiors. It ensures that projects are tracked in real time and issues are usually checked and corrected before they occur.

Robust Escalation Matrix

In Interior Design Companies, the company head is usually the designer and no escalation is possible beyond that. In 100Krafts, issues with design or execution can be immediately checked and discussed with the PCM. Issues with the PCM can be discussed with the Operations Head of the city who will have already been introduced at the beginning of the project. Issues still not handled can be sent to Rimjhim, our VP – Operations. Usually a simple WhatsApp message will also suffice!

What is better than to be assured that there are people to fall back on?

Signed Agreement with Material and Quality Promises

Our agreements signed with customers before the start of project give detailed description of the type of materials. Even the thickness of wood that will go into every single area is defined. It also describes the quality and gauge of the gypsum boards going into the false ceiling. It also describes………. well you got the gist. Its a lot of pages and we will abide by each one of the lines written in them.

Material warranties and guarantees along with our own AMC is also included in the agreements. In case of raw materials, all such warranties will be promised by us on behalf of the separate brands.

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Here is a small video explanation as well:

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