10 Interior Design Furniture to choose for your Bedroom

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Posted on April 24, 2017 at 12:45 PM

Interior Design Furniture for Bedroom is an essential part of any interior design related discussion.

The primary purpose of a bedroom is resting and privacy. This is the part of house which can be called ones own by the person sleeping in it. Even when a guest comes over for a weekend, the bedroom allotted to them can become “theirs” during their stay. The furniture in the bedroom has to ensure that the person staying in the room can get all their personal requirements fulfilled.

A study table as a piece of furniture could suit a teenager but maybe not a newly married couple. The selection of furniture in a bedroom needs to be based on some highly specific requirements.

The purpose of this post is to simply list down the various furniture items which could be part of a bedroom along with some general idea on the placement without getting into the design and aesthetics aspects. Neither will we look at practical issues arising because of the size or the layout of actual rooms. These are highly specific discussions which are best left to a personal discussion with one of our designers.

Without any further ado, here we go

Bed - Part of a bedroom interior design

Bed: Obviously the most important bedroom furniture

No wonder that this is the first furniture piece that we discuss in a bedroom. Discussion is only starting when it starts with the size. Single bed or double bed? Queen size or King size? Variations can happen in the height, internal storage, bunker beds, type of mattresses, material finishes and what not.


Wardrobe: Where else do you put your stuff?

Usually, any bedroom will be made keeping in mind a separate space for wardrobes. These can be normal door or sliding door or walk in closets. They can be built-in or stand alone. Wardrobes along with beds are the most common and obvious things that anyone needs as furniture in bedroom with everything else being optional. More than the external look of a wardrobe, the internal layout becomes equally or more important depending on the usage and actual space available.

Side Table

Night Stand: The small inconspicuous furniture piece that is always handy

A night stand or a bedside table is a small table usually kept next to the bed. This could be on just one side or either side of the bed. As the name suggests, its usual function is to hold those things which you might need or might want to discard during the night. This could be a book or a glass of water or a mobile or glasses. You get the idea.

Anecdote: Night stands were earlier used to keep chamber pots when the concept of indoor bathrooms was not known!


Study Table

Study Tables are possibly the most important part of a kid’s bedroom. With concepts like “work from home” as well as “home office” becoming more prevalent, study tables have also become part of the spare rooms or even the master bedroom. Depending on the requirements, the sizes can vary to keep desktops, laptops, printers and many other gadgets along with books and a platform for actual study. Ideal location for such a table is next to a window to allow natural light and ventilation but that again depends on the purpose and the layout of the room along with the motivation of the user.

Bookshelf in the bedroom


Book Shelf / Open Storage

While books might be on the way out, the sight of a book shelf with some hard bound classics can always turn heads. In addition, a book shelf could be useful for keeping a lot of other stationary as well as academic studies. We have even done work for an avid reader who had a whole wall made into a beautiful bookshelf which could keep hundreds of books. Along with the obvious functional aspect, a well designed bookshelf can actually bring an aesthetic appeal and could be placed next to an arm chair or recliner.

Dressing Unit

Dressing Table with a stool

Some people might wonder why this piece of bedroom furniture didn’t figure somewhere on top. Unfortunately, with property rates increasing, space inside a bedroom is coming at bigger premiums. This has resulted in a lot of compromises and dressing tables seem to have taken the biggest brunt. We find a lot of cases where dressing table has been replaced by a simple mirror on the wardrobe and a shelf. This does not mean that the dressing unit has lots its need. Its still a definite have if space permits, preferably close to the bathroom.


Seater with a foot stool / Recliner / Rocking Chair

What better way to relax after a hard day that get on a comfortable soft chair with your favourite beverage in hand and keep your feet up. Maybe have a book to read in hand or just browse through the channels or chat on the phone? While everyone has their own way of chilling out, no one can dispute that a comfortable chair is a part of it and what better place to keep this piece of furniture than in the bedroom.

Chest Of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

Yes, they are back! Who can dispute this traditional piece of bedroom furniture which can store almost everything from unmentionables to toys? It is a myth that such chest of drawers can only find place in a traditionally designed bedroom. A well designed and created chest of drawers can do wonders not just to the aesthetics but also for functionality. Add a mirror on top and it also doubles up as a highly functional dresser.

TV Unit

TV unit, unlike the name suggests, can be a very nice area to house not just a TV with its modem but even a gaming console or an audio system or anything else. Whatever suits you. Based on the functions & actual area available, designs can be custom made.

Ottoman Footer / Footboard Storage Bench

A legacy of European bedroom designs, these Footers can double up as some amazing space to drop clothes while changing. They can also become trunk like storage for keeping toys or extra pillows or blankets which could be needed at short notice. This again largely depends on the size of the bedroom but a well designed and customized ottoman can bring amazing difference to a bedroom along with being functional and providing extra storage.


Despite all the furniture in a bedroom, it can never be complete without soft furnishing. Here is a list of articles to choose from to decorate your bedroom. Some of these are obviously necessary while some others are purely for aesthetic purpose.


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